Sonicare Replacement Heads

Sonicare Replacement Heads for Better Dental Care


This chart will help you know which heads are compatible with your sonicare brush.

Brushing is a habit everyone picks up by repetition and reinforcement. But the habit often only extends to manner and frequency of brushing. Sometimes, this extends to customary visits to the dentists. But our dental habits should not only comprise of regular brushing and trips to the dentist. Complete oral health care is so much more – it’s a full effort, but it guarantees everyone a healthy set of teeth for life.

One of the habits everyone must learn is the regular replacement of their toothbrush. How can anyone clean their teeth if the brushes have lost their capacity to clean? The American Dental Association has recommended that brushes, electric or otherwise, be replaced every 3-4 months. They also recommend that brushes be replaced immediately after recovering from an illness. Old brushes are the cornucopias of microorganisms, and may attract unwanted insects if not stored properly.

For electric brushes, replacement should be easier since you’ll only need to replace the heads when the bristles wear out. The handles need not be replaced if it’s still working efficiently. You can always look for new heads in stores, but buy only those brush heads that are compatible with the handles. For example, only Sonicare replacement heads work well with Philips Sonicare toothbrushes. Incompatible heads and handles perform poorly and are a waste of money.

Pros and Cons of Generic Brush Heads

Electric brushes are a tough investment, but they are very worth the health and safety of our pearly whites. To alleviate the cost, oral care companies have come up with generic replacement heads. Some examples include Rocusa International, Up & Up and Dual Clean. These generic heads are much cheaper than official heads and are compatible with official handles. But they give less satisfaction in feeling, cleanliness and come up short overall dental care.

In the long run, you’re not getting your money’s worth by investing in cheap but ineffective generic heads. Official replacement heads are pricier, but they are the only ones that can ensure better oral health care. Luckily for buyers, online stores like Amazon offer slashed prices on official heads like Sonicare replacement heads.

Best Prices for Sonicare Replacement Heads

Sonicare replacement heads are worth $50-$200 dollars in the market, but online stores offer often huge and generous mark downs. Here are just some of the best prices for official Sonicare replacement heads available in Amazon:

Sonicare ProResults Standard

This item is a steal at $7.95, giving you a savings of $4-$6. Sonicare Standard is safe for everyday use, and is compatible with HealthyWhite, EasyClean and FlexCare+ handles.

Sonicare ProResults Compact

This item is available at $5.95, $2-$3 less than when bought in stores or from the manufacturer. Sonicare Compact brush heads can reach the posterior teeth and offer precise cleaning.

Sonicare DiamondClean

The DiamondClean brush head is Sonicare’s latest, offering a more superior cleaning technology. This brush head has 44% more bristles than ProResults Standard, and is available at $8.98 in single pack, $4-$5 off from market price.

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