The Best Electric Toothbrush 2014

Top 5 Electric Toothbrushes 2014/15 This is the article where we declare in our opinion what the best electric toothbrushes 2014. As it happens most of these toothbrushes are at the top end of the price spectrum but we have included one for those with tighter budgets. We have also included a one to watch because it is due out in the fall and looks like it has enormous potential. Attention Brits. We have created a special page of our recommendations exclusively for you. You can find it here.


Philips Sonciare DiamonClean

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Review If gadget expert Q from the James Bond franchise had an electric toothbrush it would be this one. It is a mean, lean feature packed, hi-tech oral hygiene machine that gadget lover’s dream of. It is also one of the most expensive models to buy. Should you buy one for yourself or one from our favorite electric toothbrush of 2014? This review will try to help you answer that question for yourself.


Sonicare Kids

Sonicare for Kids After writing a few articles on children’s oral hygiene recently we thought it would be good to look specific electric toothbrushes for kids. The first one we are going to check out is the Sonicare for kids. It is aimed at children as young as four and up to pre-teens. About Sonicare Kids The first thing we noticed about this sonic toothbrush for kids is that the base is solid and chunky. This is perfect for little hands to grip. The colors are eye catching, and uses bold, bright colors very effectively. Kids like customizing their stuff


Oral Hygiene For Kids

Oral Hygiene For Kids Teaching adults the importance of good oral hygiene is hard enough but trying to educate children can be an absolute nightmare! There are great children’s toothbrushes available like the Sonicare for Kids but encouraging them to use it regularly can be really hard work. We have either had this happen to us or seen it a hundred times. The poor parent having to suffer their toddler’s tantrum in the super store because they said no to them having the candy on offer at the end of every aisle. Or seen the sulking teenager say “it’s so


Most Expensive Toothbrush

Worlds Most Expensive Toothbrush With Christmas approaching , why not get your loved ones something really special and unique this year? Why not get them a toothbrush? I’m not talking about three for a dollar bargains or a $200 Philips Sonicare Diamondclean, which is the most expensive electric toothbrush on the market. No, I’m talking about the German luxury goods company Reinast and their luxury toothbrush which is a bargain at only $4000.  


Oral B 5000

Oral-B 5000 Electric Toothbrush Review If you are one of those people who hate going to the dentist or love sugary foods then looking after your teeth then investing in a high end electric toothbrush is worth investing in. Braun Oral B is the number 1 recommended by dentists worldwide. Their top of the line toothbrush is the Oral B 5000. The unique feature of the 5000 is the wireless monitor but is this just a fad or a useful gadget. How does it compare to our favorite electric toothbrushes of the year. This review hopes to answer the question.


Electric Toothbrush Review

Want to own an electric toothbrush but just don’t want to spend that much cash on the high-end models? Below is a brief electric toothbrush review of three of the best budget and mid-range costing electric toothbrushes out there in the market. You do not need to spend a fortune to own the best electric toothbrush.  

Oral B Brush Heads

Oral B Replacement Heads

This chart should help you decide which head is best for you.

This chart should help you decide which head is best for you.

So you have been enjoying your new Oral B toothbrush but now it is time to replace the brush heads and you notice that the official replacement brushes cost between $20 to $30 bucks. So you shop around online and see generic brushes for a fraction of the cost and maybe money is tight so you are thinking of purchasing the cheaper version.

Before you do that, you should read the excerpt below. The person who wrote this bought some Oral B brush heads from eBay that were really cheap and had not realised that they were fake. Then they started to notice some differences.

I realized the blue replacement indicator wasn’t fading.  Weird.  With the mister’s brush, pieces of the plastic were breaking off and he said these   suck.  Since my brush head didn’t break, I thought maybe it was just a fluke.  I really should’ve replaced my brush head after 3-6 months but I depend so much on the blue indicator.  I also noticed the bristles weren’t splaying like it usually does on the original Oral B replacement heads.  Again, didn’t think anything of it.

It took my visit to the dentist to realize that I had a fake brush head.  The dentist said the blue indicator was supposed to fade and the bristles are supposed to splay.  Using this brush head was probably the reason why I started seeing stains in between my teeth for the first time.  I’ve never had stains before.  So let this be a lesson to all of you.  You pay more for a good brush head for a reason.

 You can read the full article from Nina’s blog here.

The fake head is on the left hand side.

The fake head is on the left hand side.

If you are looking for official Oral B replacement heads then you will be glad to know that you can get them for a good price from Amazon. They also sell ‘generic’ brushes but like the fake ones, these are best avoided.

Click on the following link to see official Oral B brush heads available from Amazon.

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